Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2014 welcomes in APC’s 4th year! We are looking forward to another record breaking year.

Some things to expect from us…

1. January brings kid focus pillows. Keep an eye out at The Brick House for our new Lego themed pillows. {Every kid needs their name on a pillow}


2. February will bring the release of the APC Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Collection for the warmer months ahead. {Pool Side, Porches, Boats, even sunny spots in the house}


3. March is the beginning of gifting season! {Wedding’s, Baby Showers, Graduation gifts}


Our.com  is .Done {again}

Our.com is .Done {again}

We are officially LIVE! A lot less confusion and a lot more Point, Click & Buying!  Our newly updated website is filled with our top selling pillows and new designs, all which can be purchased directly online! Take a look ! … Continue reading

Go Ahead, Talk About Us!

Lets start off this blog post by saying THANK YOU to all of our followers, without all of your love and attention these past few weeks would have been pretty dreary, especially with all that rain! So keep up the talk, we are loving the attention!

Here is a little of what APC has been working on this week….



This newcomer to the fabric line has been coined “Wishbone.” It is a beautiful fabric with chic yet nautical characteristics, ideal for any style of home.



Babies, Babies, Babies!



Enjoy the rest of the week friends!

For the Pillow Addicts, This One Is For You.

So lets state the obvious  we are pillow addicts!  We admit it, we are addicted to pillows.  It is probably because they make any room more intriguing, they add a new look to your room without changing your furniture, they add a pop of color that makes any guest look twice, they can make you feel like you are at a resort without ever leaving your home…okay, okay, i have to stop myself.

 We all crave the best color, the new trend, and style for our home everyday, so why not do it with pillows?




It is  a MUST to have a coordinating pillow in your mudroom!


Of course! Why shouldn’t you have a pillow for your bathroom chair that you never sit in ?!?!?


Why shouldn’t your desk chair adorn the cutest pillow in the house?


And for those who cant choose, its perfectly okay to have them all!

Take It Outside with Annapolis Pillow Co.


With the beginning of warm weather we all know parties will soon follow and for APC we had one idea in mind, outdoor pillows!

Last summer a client from Annapolis threw together an event and asked if we could make outdoor pillows for the special occasion. Our answer? Yes, of course! When will the event take place? One week! So with the help of Sunbrella and their gorgeous fabrics, the 10 custom outdoor pillows turned out just how we would imagine, perfect.

 004 005 003


Dwell in Style with Annapolis Pillow Co.

As we mentioned in our last post, we have been very busy working with new and exciting projects. One that we are very excited to announce is APC will now be featured in a new home design showroom, Dwell At Home. Dwell is a locally owned home furnishing boutique located in Annapolis!  We are so thrilled that Dwell has opened their doors and let us join in on this wonderful new experience together.

When visiting Dwell, you will be able to buy our pillows on the spot! If you would like to design custom pillows, our product and sample book are available for you to search and create your new custom pillows right in the store! ImageImageImageImage

Happy Local Shopping!

Check Out Dwell here!

Annapolis Pillow Co. is back…with a hint of Lilly

WOW! What an exciting time for Annapolis Pillow Company. With custom pillows, “very” special projects, new retail spaces and even the upcoming Charm City Design House, the blog has been neglected, until now…

It is all too much for one Blog Post…but if you have to start anywhere, it should be with Lilly!

We are so excited to share our once in a lifetime custom project that kept us on our toes all summer.  Thank you to Sara Thompson who opened her home and shared her vision with us so that this project could be stitched together to create the perfect nursery.



I would be remiss if I didn’t specify this being our “very” special project, as Sara is my closest and dearest friend. Sara and her husband Tucker are expecting their first Baby Girl. It goes without saying that we are all very excited about it!!

As mentioned before, APC is experiencing some seriously exciting times. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

Check back daily to follow along with where we have been and our journey forward.

Chestertown Pop-Up Shop

APC will be participating in a WAC Alum Pop-Up Shop On High Street in Chestertown, MD

That sounds very official doesn’t it?!?! Actually it sounds AWESOME!

1. Visit Chestertown because it is beautiful

2. Come see our Pop-Up Shop…because it is Awesome!

209207APC is very excited to be participating with such successful WAC Alum owned and operated businesses. Here  is who else will be strutting their stuff on High Street

{In a totally legal tasteful way}

Star Monograms

Designs by Posey

Threadwell Monograms


Blue Claw Co.

Roaming Republic

Doors open May 3rd * 355 High Street * Wednesday thru Sunday for May & June


Get your Zig Zag on this Spring!

Who doesn’t love Chevron and a Pink Whale?!?! I mean seriously?

021CBAnnapolis Pillow Co. introduces our new Applique Collection. Available in Navy, Coral, Grey, Red and of course HOT PINK!

Get your zig zag on this Spring!!


Babies, Babies, Babies!

Send APC the nursery colors and we will put together the perfect baby memento…

010 013 054 055 019 555775_426246620791359_1957952415_n~Gray Chevron is the “it” fabric for 2013 Nurseries, thanks in large part to Harper Gray~