APC gets organized…Finally!

Okay, friends, family and wonderful people I don’t know, I have been working on this little custom pillow company for a little over a year. Between the {blissful} distraction of my twin boys and now expecting my third, I honestly haven’t given it my all. I have recently decided to ‘get off the pot,’ so to speak.

A little background…It all started in January of 2011 on a whirlwind fabric trip with my mother in law and the boys in tow. Over the past year I been selling 12 x 16″ pillows in basic fabric combinations that were very embroidery friendly. All sold at the my favorite locale, Star Monograms in historic downtown Annapolis. The pillows were very well received, which gave me confidence to expand the line. After a few months of working with individual clients on very custom pillows, I narrowed in on some fan favorites to create a Custom Collection. 

I put forth to you the new Annapolis Pillow Co. business model. In the next few weeks you will be introduced to a fully operating eCommerce website that will be featuring 5 individual collections based on varying color palettes.  Each collection will be made up of 5 or more coordinating fabrics with complimenting welt options. All of the fabrics within one collection will be interchangeable. My goal is to make the process of choosing custom pillows as straight forward as possible. In addition to choosing as many fabric combinations as you wish, you will be able to choose from 5 different pillow sizes {are you seeing a pattern?}, whether you want an insert and if you prefer it to be poly or down. 

I am absolutely over the moon about the fabrics being offered, but I am not naive to the fact that not everyone’s home is going to fall in the color palettes I have chosen. That is why I am also going to be offering a COM {industry lingo for send me your own fabric} option. I want everyone to be able to utilize Annapolis Pillow Co., not just those that love my fabric collections 🙂

In the next few weeks a lot of this will be coming together and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. Please tell your that friend of yours who is always saying she wants new pillows that Annapolis Pillow Company is here and we can’t wait to hear from her! 

While you all wait with bated breath for the fully operational website, I will share with you this very small Sneak Peek of some of the collections.



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